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“Wear Bowling”

at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair!


Attention all Minnesota bowlers!

The Bowling Proprietors Association of Minnesota (BPAM) and Minnesota High School Bowling are teaming

up with  the Minnesota State USBC to promote bowling at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair! 

And we want YOUR help! 


There are two levels of participation:


Level 1:

When you go to the State Fair this year, wear a shirt that features bowling in a positive way.

(If you do not already own a t-shirt that features bowling, you can

click HERE to purchase one. Orders must be placed by August 12, 2018.)


Level 2 (Optional)

Take photos of you (and your friends) wearing your bowling shirt(s) at the Fair.

Post your best photo on the Minnesota State USBC Facebook page.

(Be sure to tag as many people as possible in the photo!)

The person(s) that submit the best and most creative photos will win a $25 gift card to the BPAM bowling center of their choice.

There will be twenty winners of gift cards ($500 in total, donated by the Bowling Proprietors Association of Minnesota). 


Our hope is that hundreds of people wearing bowling t-shirts at the fair will

generate conversations about bowling and spark (greater) interest in our great sport!

And we do hope that this will become an annual tradition!


If you have any questions or comments about this promotion,

please contact BPAM Executive Director Josh Hodney at josh@mhsb.org or 763-755-2552.









BPAM Mission Statement

To increase the value of our members investment

by promoting and improving the image of bowlers.

We strive to strengthen the professionalism of our members

and provide resources to increase the profitability of their operations.


CALL US AT: 763-755-2552

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