BPAM (State) Membership Benefits


1)    Promotion Help For Your Adult Events

The BPAM maintains a database of all of the bowling centers in Minnesota. BPAM members can get a list of all the bowling centers in the state, including mailing address and contact info. The BPAM can also create mailing labels for BPAM members. 



2)    Promotion Help For Your Youth and Youth/Adult Events

The BPAM has an email database of nearly 4000 people (bowlers, parents, coaches) that have indicated they want information on youth bowling events. And each year, scores of families visit BPAM’s mnYouthBowling.org to get tournament results and to find information on upcoming youth and youth/adult bowling events. BPAM members can get their youth and youth/adults posted for no cost. Every few weeks an email will go out to those in the BPAM’s database reminding them about upcoming youth and youth/adult events.



3)    Education - Complimentary Unlimited Online Courses

The BPAM has purchased a subscription from BPAA for its online courses that will allow BPAM members to educate and train owners, managers, and employees through the Online Training and Management Certification Program (OTMPC) offered by BPAA’s Bowling University — at no cost to the member centers or their employees. OTMPC currently has 34 courses available. The subjects of these 34 c­ourses fall into nine categories: Customer Service, Entertainment Income, Finance, Food and Beverage, Human Resources, Leadership, Maintenance, Marketing and Sales and Supervisory Skills. The program offers students the ability to create their own unique learning experiences and demonstrate their learned skills first-hand. All courses were developed so your center and your staff will be successful in your market. All courses are available to view at www.bpaa.com/bowlinguniversity. Scroll down and click on Courses. You can click on the catalog on the right side of your screen or click on each category on the courses screen to display the courses and their descriptions.



4)    In-School Bowling Program

The BPAM owns 36 lanes of In-School Bowling equipment that it loans to member centers and schools at no cost. The In-School Bowling program sees elementary and middle school physical education teachers teaching their students how to bowl. Ideally, after the curriculum has been completed, the phy-ed teacher will put a flyer (designed by BPAM staff with your guidance) into his/her students’ hands that will encourage the students to come bowl at your center. Once there it provides your centers’ staff the opportunity to recruit them into junior leagues, or perhaps sell them on a birthday party. The BPAM has a part time employee who spends a large percentage of her time communicating with phy-ed teachers and working on growth of this program.



5)    Purchase high quality socks for a low price

One time a year, the BPAM orders 4 pallets of high quality American made socks. The BPAM sells these socks to BPA centers for a small profit. Socks are sold to BPAM centers for $.46 - $.66 per pair). There are discounts for orders of 2 cases; 4 cases; and 8 cases.



6)    Miscellaneous Projects – Junior League Promotion

In the summer of 2017, the BPAM offered to design and print professional looking junior league flyers for all BPAM member centers at no cost to the centers. BPAM members were also offered 2 heavy duty free 3’ x 8’ banners that aim to let parents and kids know about the availability of junior bowling leagues.



7)    Intangible Benefit – BPAM Lobbyist

The BPAM contracts with a lobbyist, who works for a tip credit and “slot machines” in bars. He also lobbies against higher taxes and (drastic) increases in the minimum wage.



8)    BPAM Staff Works For Its Members

Have a question or problem you need help with? BPAM staff is available to help you in any way that it can. If a staff member is unable to help, they can almost always direct a member center to a source that can help.